Modena Volley is one of the most famous and winning volleyball teams of Italy based in Modena which has played in the highest level of national league from 1968.

Thousands of fans visit MV website for news about the team, buying merchandising or just to know when and where the next match would take place. A loyal fanbase such Modena Volley’s one not only deserves a comprehensive website but also a good app so… MBurger to the rescue 🚀!!

Our challenge was to build their application that had the purpose to bring the fans closer to the team, representing a place where put news about the team, results of matches, galleries of photos, calendar of the upcoming matches and many other informations. Using MBurger CMS Headless and its functionalities we were able to build the app faster and to have a complete dashboard where MV team can publish content easily and notify users about the latest news about their favorite volleyball team.

Below we will describe some not trivial functionalities that we were able to implement in the app with the help of MBurger.

User authentication

One of the features of the app is the ability to vote for the MVP during the match. It’s a great feature for fans but also something risky because it is necessary to prevent multiple votes for a single match for a single user, or else results would bu pretty inaccurate. To prevent this situation we implemented user authentication using the MBAuth plugin, this way only authenticated users can vote for the MVP and each user can vote only once per match. Users can register from the app or login with Facebook or Google.

The auth session is managed directly by the MBurger SDK, after a successful login the authentication token is saved and sent with the subsequent api calls, to check if a user is already logged in:



To register a new user the SDK has a sign-up feature which can handle many personal informations about the user (most of them are optional). Passing the data to the SDK is immediate and when a piece of information is not available or required, we simply don’t pass it:



If a user is already registered we can use the authentication function with his credentials or create a new user by logging in with social networks for the first time.



The auth functions returns the access token of MBurger in the success block if the developer needs to use it but the authentication session is managed automatically by the SDK.
Be aware that the sign-up is ONLY necessary to vote, the app is fully usable without authentication.

Registered user can be found in the dashboard under “Plug-In” -> “Users”

GDPR compliance

With the introduction of GDPR, in may of 2018, we added the ability to create contracts and agreements directly from the MBurger dashboard under Settings -> Legal. Each agreement is composed of a name and link to the text of the agreement or a markdown text representing it.

Agreements are easily retrieved with the SDK asking for the project:



For this app we had 2 agreements, the first is a Privacy Policy, which is mandatory for any registered user, the second one is a marketing agreement, and it’s optional. As you can see in the previous screenshots they are requested in the registration screen but also when a social login is performed, with a popup. Obviously tapping on the agreement the text of it is displayed to the user so he can view it ad decide to accept it or not.

From the dashboard for every user it’s displayed if the agreement has been accepted or declined so that users that have not accepted the marketing one can be removed from marketing campaigns.

Users can also know which contracts they have accepted by calling the “profile” API, which will return all user accepted contracts, so anyone can see what the signed-on in the “settings” part of the app. It is also possible to uncheck the “marketing agreement” within the app in the same section, this is also another simple api call where we “update” user profile’s contracts.
So no worries with privacy, MBurger has already nailed it!

Push notifications

With the push notification ability of MBurger Modena Volley team is able to inform all of their fans of upcoming events and when new content is released on the application. For example they usually send a notification at the end of a match with its result or when a new gallery of photos is published.

The code to implement push notifications is very easy, just 3 steps:

  • Firstly you have to set the MBurger push token with the same token used in the dashboard under Settings -> Info & Features -> Push Token
  • Then when a token is obtained from the push services (Firebase or APNs) it has to be registered onto the MBurger system
  • When the registration is completed the app needs to be registered to the topic 



Push notifications then can be managed directly from the app or from the OS

The match is won… but the tournament??!!

We are only passionate developers, sports and us are radically different worlds, but we think MBurger paid omage to one of the most famous volleyball teams providing easy-to-use API, radical flexibility and critical eye on users’ privacy, which, more now than then, is a serious affair. The match is won and we are sure that also the tournament will be no problem with a system like this 🏆.
If you wish to make your first MBurger app please refer to the official documentation for Android and iOS or come in contact with us partecipating to our developers community.

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