MPush, the easiest way to send push notifications! 🚀

MPush is an API-based system that allows you to send push notifications at any time and from anywhere in the world.
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Push notifications are easier than ever!

MPush lets you reach your mobile users in real time thanks to push notifications. Moreover, thanks to the iOS and Android SDKs, integration will be simple and fast: you will only need 3 lines of code! What are you waiting for? Try it now!

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started with iOS and Android SDKs.


Within just a few seconds, you can reach all of your users all over the world.


Do you have millions of users? MPush assures you of reaching them all!


MPush uses a Publish / Subscribe template to decide which devices should receive notifications. Moreover, the system will always be updated, thanks to a dedicated team that works daily in order to enrich the platform with new, extraordinary features.

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Send Push Notifications

Engage all your mobile users with push notifications.
Content Avaiable

Content Available

Silent notification with background action to allow high-level use of push notifications.

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Rich Notification

Enhance your notifications with multimedia content, such as images, video, and audio.

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Schedule Push Notifications

Reach your users at the best time by scheduling push notifications.

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Mutable Content

The operating system intercepts and interacts with notifications to personalize and adapt them to the user’s content.



From 1 to 1 million. Scalability will no longer be your problem. Based on the latest technologies, it will allow you to manage all of your users without any problems.

Experience simplicity with our SDKs!

The MPush Rest APIs are ready to be called. Thanks to our detailed documentation, interacting with our APIs will be a breeze. Send all the notifications you want, without any limit!

Our team has also developed mobile SDKs for maximum integration. A quick set-up and efficiency of our support services will allow you to adopt MPush without limits and experience unparalleled efficiency.


A Plan For Every Need

0 month


• Unlimited push notifications
• 2,000 active monthly users
• No support

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60 month


• Unlimited push notifications
• 10,000 monthly active users
• Support within 48 hours


200 month


• Unlimited push notifications
• 50,000 monthly active users
• Support within 24 hours


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• Unlimited push notifications
• +50,000 monthly active users
• Support within 24 hours

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Switching to MPush was very simple and wasn’t difficult: it was fast in both its implementation and daily use, and it had clear documentation. It has everything we need without being overwhelming. Thanks to the prompt responses from the technical team, we’ve been able to minimize any disservice to our users.

Jiajia Ji
Jiajia Ji

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