Managing and tracking bugs in your your digital products have never been easier!

What is Bug Reporter?

Some of the main problems customers face involves app maintenance and bug management, both of which can emerge during the testing phase or generate over time. Examples of this include an operating systems update or a third-party library used inside applications.

For this reason, we’ve developed Mumble Bug Reporter, our solution towards optimizing bug management.

Mumble Bug Reporter simplifies communication with our technical team when it comes to updates and implementations requested by customers.

How does it work?

Through a dedicated dashboard, each customer can open detailed reports that are automatically sent to the Mumble team member who is following that particular project. Users can control the status of their requests (waiting for review) from the moment management starts working on them (in review), up until their resolution and following the upload of the new release in stores (done! ).

With this new tool, we want our customers to have peace of mind about the resolution problem status and never feel lost in the process. Overall, the main goal is to guarantee a concise and efficient service by always keeping the app “bug-free” and updated with the latest operating system.
Finally, the Slack integration was developed to improve teamwork when skilfully solving problems without ever losing track of them amidst hundreds of emails and messages.



Easy and Useful


Manage bugs through a single interface and optimize the time it takes for developers to get involved.


Our system is aimed at speeding up solutions, meaning that bugs can be reported efficiently and effectively.

Resolution progress

Stay updated on bug resolution status! Bug Reporter lets you know exactly when the team is working on your bug and when it is fixed.


The filters feature allows you to browse through each and every bug by project, operating system, or based on the status of the report.

Smart notification

Thanks to a highly structured e-mail notification system, you’ll always be informed about the progress of your report.

Slack Integration

Bug Reporter is designed to be integrated with your Slack profile, so you can communicate directly with the team of developers that is following your project! 🚀

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